Originally made as a presentation to Mental Health practitioners working with school-aged Autistic children and Young people, this 45 minute training looks at the relationship between Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout with Autistic Wellbeing.

While aimed at Mental Health Practitioners and Education staff, this training is useful for anyone working with, or supporting Autistic children and Young people accessing any type of Education settings.

The training explains:

The context of the school environment, what can contribute to Meltdowns, Shutdowns and the larger theme of Autistic Burnout; and the relationship of all this with 'school refusal' narratives. 

Behavioural ideology around Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout which often feeds into making situations worse instead of better.

The definitions of Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout, identifying them and the role of Practitioners in supporting those engaging in them.

How Autistic Masking, Monotropism and Double Empathy are related to all of this.

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