Courses and training designed by Autistic People for Autistic People, their families and professionals.

Led by Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate, and supported by other Autistic trainers here you'll find training on a range of subjects not available elsewhere.

All courses are exclusive to this website. Some are courses Kieran has developed in conjunction with other trainers and organisations and some are Kieran's own courses.

Meet Kieran

Kieran Rose was diagnosed as Autistic in 2003 and is a parent of Autistic children. An academically and mainstream published Author, Kieran is an International Public Speaker, whose essays at have been read by over a million people. He is currently co-producing research into Autistic Masking, Monotropy and Autistic Identity

Kieran delivers his own specialist Autism training; and provides private consultancy for charities and organisations across the UK and the world. He is also founder of a network for Autistic advocates, Executive Board Member of the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective, an international education organisation for Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists; and Neurodivergence Educator for the US based Occupational Therapy charity the Star Institute for Sensory Processing.