Recommended Autism Positive Books

This list of 150+ books has been compiled by Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate.

The catalogue will be updated regulary and your purchase gets you access to the current version and all future versions.

For each book there is an description and links to purchase.

We have created 15+ categories and clearly state which categories each book falls into. Categories include Autistic Experience, Theory and Practice, Young People and many more.

There is no reason to buy this ebook/catalogue! Yes, we know that sounds random!

The complete list is also available on Kieran's website and BookShop and both are completely free to access;

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However, reading a list of 150+ books across two website can be a right pain!

So we've created this ebook/catalogue to be much more useful and convenient and it also looks lovely. Sometimes it's just nice to have something to print out and scribble on!

It takes us a lot of work to keep the ebook/catalogue up-to-date but we do strive to keep it as affordable as possible as we are ultimately asking you to pay for something which we do also offer for free!

Your purchase not only gets you access to the current version but also all future versions. You will be able to download and save the ebook/catalogue and then print it out or read it on your device.

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